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Join us as we get together in-person for a night of celebration on Thursday, May 4, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. Central. 

2023 Minnesota PRSA Classics Finalists



  • Cultural Humility Video Series to increase cultural competency (Padilla)
  • Finding Hope: Fundraising Video for Laura Baker Services Association (Neuger)
  • What is CHS? Videos (Exponent PR)

Influencer Engagement to Expand Awareness 

  • Cub Cadet Evokes the Spirit of Spring with Essence de Lawn (Exponent PR)
  • The Sweetest NIL Deal in Sports (FleishmanHillard)
  • Helping Breast Cancer Survivors Feel Whole Again (Inprela Communications)
  • Launching Spruce with Finfluencers (Carmichael Lynch Relate)

Media Relations - Budget Greater than $20K 

  • Helping Students and Families Question The Quo in Their Education Journey (ECMC Group)
  • One in 10 Million: Petsmart Charities’ Monumental Pet Adoption Milestone (Carmichael Lynch Relate)
  • Reducing Food Waste (Padilla)
  • Showing Up in Outlets a Tax Brand Had Never Been Before (Carmichael Lynch Relate)

Media Relations - Budget Less than $20K 

  • Animal Humane Society takes in 23 Beagles from animal testing breeding facility (Animal Humane Society)
  • Long Live the Horse Campaign Launch with Zoetis Equine (Exponent PR)
  • Animal Humane Society rescues 47 cats from vehicle (Animal Humane Society)
  • Harvesting a Successful Media Blitz for Bushel Boy Cucumbers (broadhead)

Feature, Speech and Public Relations Writing 

  • Buyer Education through Targeted Media Placements (Padilla)
  • 2022: A Tipping Point for Weed Control in Soybeans (Curious Plot)
  • Ketosis in Dairy Cows: Thought Leadership Article Turned Podcast (Exponent PR)
  • Addressing Agronomic Challenges: FMC CropLife Contributor Series (Curious Plot)

Content Marketing

  • Wheel of Good Fortune: Pivoting to Help Ziegler CAT Customers Succeed (Neuger)
  • Northfield Public Schools: You Belong Here - Tu Perteneces Aqui Poster (Neuger)
  • Showing Resiliency Through a Content Marketing Series (Carmichael Lynch Relate)

Social Content Series 

  • “A Fair Shot” for Women Collegiate Athletes (Carmichael Lynch Relate)
  • #HealthCareSimplified (Prime Therapeutics)
  • Showing Resiliency Through a Social Content Series (Carmichael Lynch Relate)


Community Relations

  • Cenex and Exponent PR Strengthen Local Community Ties with Hometown Pride Initiative (Exponent PR)
  • TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods – North Carolina Community Board Launch (Padilla)
  • Hostess Brands Arkadelphia Bakery Sign Reveal Event (Carmichael Lynch Relate)
  • Walking In Tandem With Communities (Padilla)

Marketing Products (Consumer)

  • Marketing a Necessary Evil: Taxes (Carmichael Lynch Relate)
  • Frigo Cheese Heads Empowers Tweens to Embrace Individuality (Carmichael Lynch Relate)
  • Financial Inclusion: Overdraft Fee Changes for Those Who Need it Most (Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union with Haberman)
  • The New Way to Seafood (Curious Plot)

Reputation/Brand Management and Institutional Programs

  • No Small NIL Deal: Raising Tax Brand Favorability Among Gen Z (Carmichael Lynch Relate)
  • Financial Inclusion: Overdraft Fee Changes for Those Who Need it Most (Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union with Haberman)
  • Company Name Change & Rebrand (AllianceRx Walgreens Pharmacy)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

  • Disrupting the Mainstream narrative on Racial Health Equity (Padilla)
  • Championing Equity for NCAA Women Athletes (Carmichael Lynch Relate)
  • Live Your Healthy Lyfe (Bellmont Partners)

Integrated Programs (Consumer Products and Services)

  • Winnebago Industries Shocks the World with All-Electric RV Announcement (Padilla)
  • Giving NCAA Women Athletes “A Fair Shot” (Carmichael Lynch Relate)
  • Frigo Cheese Heads Empowers Tweens to Embrace Individuality (Carmichael Lynch Relate)
  • Fendt Teams With Country Star Luke Bryan to Harvest Farm-to-Fan Popcorn (Exponent PR)

Integrated Programs (Government/Non-Profit) 

  • Minneapolis Reputation Campaign – Bringing Balance to the Narrative (Padilla)
  • City of Duluth Tourism (Bellmont Partners)
  • Finding Hope: Advancing the World of Those Living with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Neuger)
  • ECMC Group Elevates Student Voices with its Question the Quo Campaign (ECMC Group)

Other Finalists

Finalists below are not listed by category due to low volume of submissions in their categories. 

  • The Shake Up: Changing Times, Changing Comms (Midwest District Conference Committee)
  • Moving Good to Great: Gemini Partner Portal Web App (Neuger)
  • Empowering Youths to Mobilize for Change & Transform Health (Padilla)
  • Virtual Automation Fair Keeps Everything Attendees Love About the In-Person Event (Padilla)
  • C Magazine (Exponent PR)
  • OverTHCounter: A THC Edibles Awareness Campaign for Parents and Youth (Neuger)
  • Taking the Lead: The State of Firefighter Health in Minnesota (Bellmont Partners)
  • Empowering Brand Storytellers (Prime Therapeutics)
  • Championing Equity for Collegiate Women Athletes (Carmichael Lynch Relate)
  • Keystone Community Services Makes the Case for a New Food Shelf (Neuger)