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Minnesota PRSA Student Classics Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a PRSSA member to enter the Minnesota PRSA Student Classics?
No, the Student Classics is open to all college students in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

If I recently graduated, can I still enter the Student Classics?
Yes, as long as the work you’re entering was completed January 2022 – January 2023.

How many entries can I submit?
There is no limit. You may submit multiple entries in all four categories if you wish.

Can multiple people submit an entry?
Yes, but every contributor MUST be listed on the cover of your entry.

If I worked on a group project, how much of the work has to be my own for it to qualify for an entry?
You will only be judged on the portion of the entry you completed. You must specify what portion of the entry you contributed to. We recommend that you submit the entry as a group and include names of all who contributed so that the program is judged in its entirety.

How much does each entry cost and how do I submit payment?
The cost is FREE this year for PRSSA members, $25 per entry for nonmembers. If a team of students submits an entry, the team is just responsible for one entry fee, depending on if they’re members of PRSSA. Payments for entries will be accepted via the online entry system. If you are unable to pay online, please contact Matt O'Keefe at matt.okeefe@exponentpr.com.

How do I use my Leadership Fund to pay for the entry?
Complete the online Leadership Fund application on the Minnesota PRSA website at the following URL: http://www.minnesotaprsa.org/leadershipfund. Select “Student Classics Registration” as the event or program for which you are applying. Save as a PDF the confirmation email informing you that your application was submitted and upload it as one of your entry’s supporting materials, then select the “offline payment” option. If your request places you above the Leadership Fund’s $40 limit per school year, the Student Relations Committee will contact you for an alternative payment method.

Who judges the entries?
The Minnesota PRSA Classics Committee and select PRSA Board Members judges the entries.

Can I see the judges’ comments?
Yes. Within the online entry form, you can select to have judge’s comments sent electronically following the banquet.

If my entry is missing a component will it be disqualified?
No, but it will lose points in the judging process.

How will I know if I am a finalist?
Finalists will be contacted via email in March 2023. Finalists are encouraged to attend the 45th Annual Minnesota PRSA Classics event in the spring of 2023 where the winners will be announced and awards presented. All finalists will receive complimentary registration to the banquet.

How will I know if I won?
The Student Classics Awards will be presented in the spring of 2023 at the Annual Minnesota PRSA Classics banquet. More info on the banquet is available at: https://classicsawards.secure-platform.com/a/page/classics-awards/event-details. Finalists who are unable to attend the banquet will be notified of the winners by email. If you have additional questions, please contact Matt O'Keefe at matt.okeefe@exponentpr.com.