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Student Classics Awards Categories

Category Title Category Description
1. News / Feature Writing

News/Feature Writing entries should include pieces written with the intent of promoting a product or service or educating a target audience. All News/Feature Writing entries should be published or broadcast to an audience and may be any length. Examples include:

  • News releases: News releases written with the purpose of announcing new information to the public. New release entries should be written in Associated Press style. If entries are not written in Associated Press style, please submit a description of the style used by the organization represented.
  • Newsletter articles: A newsletter article may be published in either an internal or external publication.
  • Newspaper articles: Newspaper articles that were written for and published in a college, local or national newspaper. Opinion pieces published in a newspaper also are eligible.
  • Class project articles: Class project article entries may include articles written for a college course and can be any length.
2. Campaigns

Campaign entries should include comprehensive research, planning, execution and evaluation, all of which support an overall goal and mission. All campaigns should demonstrate the use of public relations, digital and/or social tools, tactics and strategies. Campaigns could include elements such as news releases, events, and social media.  

3. Personal Branding / Portfolio

Personal Branding/Portfolio entries should include pieces that represent and reflect your best work and personal brand. Items may be, but are not limited to, a personal blog, website, podcast, video, etc.

4. Digital and Social Media

Digital and social media entries should include online communication elements produced for a social media or digital strategy course, as part of an internship, or on behalf of a student organization. Examples include:

  • Social media post(s)
  • Podcast
  • Video
  • E-book
  • Infographic
  • Website
  • Series of blog posts
  • Analytics report
  • Digital audit