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Student Classics Finalists

The Student Classics Awards are presented annually to college students in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin who have successfully demonstrated exemplary skill and creativity within the communications, public relations, marketing and advertising industries.

News/Feature Writing

  • 'I See' Seeks Equality Between Men’s and Women’s Sports: Sara Waldner, Augustana University
  • Logos Children's Ministry: Leah Blom, Augustana University
  • Transcontinental Graduate Seminar Investigates the Archival Process: Schuyler McKinley, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


PR Campaigns

  • #SEEUS Movement PR Campaign: Leah Blom, Augustana University
  • Marketing and Communications Proposal and Plan: Emily Goldstein, University of Minnesota
  • Spread the Love: Kate Dulak, Saint Mary's University


Personal Branding/Portfolio

  • Entering the Workforce: Professional Portfolio: Sara Waldner, Augustana University
  • Megan Lindely Online Portfolio: Megan Lindely, Augustana University


Digital Projects

  • #VeteranOfTheDay George H.W. Bush: Leah Comins, University of Minnesota PRSSA
  • Augustana Sustain-You Have The- Ability: Megan Lindely, Augustana University